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TutorsinHK is a simple concept, bringing students and tutors together in the most effective manner possible.


While working in schools and private tutoring we have found ourselves continually amazed by two things about the Hong Kong tutoring system:

  • The community’s admirable enthusiasm in the pursuit of learning, often through the use of private tutoring, is creating opportunities for people in all fields to share skills.

  • In contrast to this high level of achievement, there are huge numbers of tutors who struggle to find avenues in which to find new clients, and have no consistent space to advertise themselves. Likewise students have no means to search for the most suitable tutors.


TutorsinHK was set up by a group of friends, some born and raised in Hong Kong and others who have come from afar to teach.


Hong Kong, by no accident, continually finds itself at the top of global rankings for education. We hope to contribute to this fantastic tradition of learning, creating a social network in which students can find tutors based on their own tailored needs, while tutors can find students based on theirs. It is free to join for both students and tutors who are looking to become part of the tutoring community in Hong Kong.

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